Monday, January 19, 2009

"What would you do in case of a terrorist attack?"

Oh, look, it's the forerunner to the modern equivalent of the 'buy a bomb shelter' bit. I haven't decided yet whether to laugh or be horrified if they start showing the modern equivalent of the 'hide under your desk' films in schools.


My mom's response to seeing these commercials/spots/things the department of homeland security put on tv? "There used to be laws against inciting to riot." My response? "Oh, there still are, but the government doesn't have to follow them. Apparently."

In other, happier news: Friday's Psych.

...Guh. That Former lovers. Former lovers. Former lovers. That's just...sweet harp of Rassilon, that's...there are no words. Except: I <3 you, Psych writers. Also: Shawn. Was wearing. Lassie's shirt. That's...Oh! I know! The words for this episode are:
Subtext: Ur doing it wrong.
Fanservice: Ur doing it right.

Seriously, I've watched this episode about 25 times. At least. And I've made about ten wallpapers today. Most of them were shassie, but there were also a couple revolving specifically around Lassiter's trenchcoat.

And in other, entirely different news:
Twilight rant! If you actually like Twilight, feel free to stop reading now. Or not. Whatever. And please take note that I have only read the first five and a half chapters or so. And that I loathe Bella with a deep and abiding passion. Or I would, if i found her interesting enough to loathe with a deep and abiding passion.

Right, so Edward's just spent the first four chapters telling Bella, "I'm dangerous," "it's dangerous for you to be around me," "it's dangerous for us to be friends," "danger, Will Robinson, danger," and finally, fifth chapter, he says "what if I'm not a superhero, what if I'm actually a bad guy?" and what does Bella say? Or think, or internally monolouge, or narrate, or whatever you want to call it? "He was dangerous. That's what he had been trying to tell me." No duh. I mean, she was already annoying me with all her talk of how cryptic Edward was being, mostly due to the fact that he wasn't being particularly cryptic. Also: WTF is up with everyone admiring Bella? I mean, she goes over to sit with Edward, and then Edward's all "I think they're mad at me for stealing you." Why are they mad about it? She doesn't contribute anything to the conversation! In fact, the only times she actually has a conversation with somebody who isn't Edward, it seems to be to show how distracted she is by Edward. Failing that, it's her complaining about how these two boys asked her out! Oh, and what's with Edward being all scary and 'what if I don't give you back'? Does she not realize that this is bad?

Okay, rant done.

I want it to be Friday now. Failing that, I'll take Tuesday. Which is...tomorrow, so...yay. Inaugaration! \o/

And, in conclusion, I offer this:

Apparently, there was a line that got deleted from Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing. A line that would have made it even slashier. According to the writers (see the commentary for the episode on the usa network site, near the end) there was originally a line right after 'former lovers' in which Shawn made it very clear that it was Lassie who pursued him, not the other way around. Unfortunately, it got cut, though one of the writers really wanted it to stay in. Sweet random object of Rassilon, I really hope that guy stays on for season four. Even excluding the slash, this episode was amazing. And classic!vision! Woot! \o/

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