Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Doctor is...

Matt Smith? *is massively grateful to Combom* Huh. I opinion on that, except "Darn, I was kinda hoping for Paterson Joseph." Mostly because I've never heard of Matt Smith. Ever. Yeah, I was really excited about finding out, and I'm really excited I know, I just...have no idea who he is. Which is really annoying me because he looks familiar and I'm trying to figure out why.

I looked him up on IMDB, just to make sure there was nothing I'd seen. There isn't, I really have never seen this guy before. So why does he look so familiar? This is really annoying me, and I think it's squashing my glee at finding out who the next Doctor is.

I am gleeful though. Very gleeful. I can haz knowledge. Yay! I have faith in Moffat, because he is awesome and brilliant and I still get creeped out by statues, so there. Seriously, watching Blink at 4:00 in the morning? Really scary. Couldn't sleep for hours.

*waits impatiently for Doctor Who*
Seriously. I've watched all of the new Who dvds about a hundred times, and as much as I love the Five Doctors, Black Orchid, Logopolis, The Keeper of Traken, and Castravolva, I'd really like to watch a Doctor Who I haven't seen. Preferabbly before I'm forced to go out in the cold and hunt for old vhs tapes in the garage. Which I'll probably do anyway, but if I could put it off until Spring I'd be really grateful.

*attempts to wait patiently for Doctor Who*

Yeah, that's not gonna work. I give up. Ah well, back to the fun surprise of watching Doctor Who on unlabeled vhs tapes it is.

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