Friday, January 2, 2009

Cue the Tin Man Ramble

First, I will say that Tin Man has more plot holes and continuity issues than Torchwood. However, on the secret organization front, Torchwood beats out the resistance for Most Obvious Secret Organization Ever. Anyway, I love Tin Man, partly because of the great costuming, awesome make up, and brilliant acting from pretty much everyone who wasn't our lovely heroine, and partly because of the pure ridiculousness like the flying tit monkeys. Seriously, I think it probably makes more sense if you watch it while drunk. Or stoned. I mean, there's a strong possibility that much of the production crew were drunk while they were making it, so it makes sense that being drunk while watching it would help.

Anyway, since I got the plotbunny about Az after they get rid of the witch, I've been thinking a lot about how that would affect her psychologically. My theory is that she'll have the mentality of a severely traumatized child, having not aged much mentally since the witch possessed her. There's also a possibility that she would use her childlike mentality as a coping mechanism to deal with her severe trauma. I'll have to do some research on psychological disorders, I have an idea of the one I want to use, but I have no idea what it's called. Or anything about it that wasn't mentioned in that episode of Law & Order SVU. So these thoughts about what psychological state Az would be in spawned thoughts about what psychological state Glitch would be in. Now, I'm pretty sure that, magic or no, after such a long seperation from his brain, he's not going to go back to just being Ambrose. I mean, he's developed this whole other personality as Glitch, once you put his brain/half brain (which half of the brain? how does that work, anyway? and is it the whole brain or just half of it?) back in, he's not going to go back to being the perfectly sane Ambrose. My theory's on this are:
  1. He could end up with a sort of multiple personality thing, with Ambrose and Glitch remaining as two separate personalities. From what I can tell, this seems to be a pretty popular theory.
  2. He could end up with most of his memories, but be even more forgetful then before, possibly even losing certain motor functions.
  3. He could end up with a sort of Alzheimer like condition.
  4. It could be that putting his brain back in would do much more harm than good, thus causing them to opt out of the surgery.
I'm thinking I'll use either 1 or 4 for my crazy!Az fic. As for Az, I'm thinking a kind of vacant child sort of thing.

Also, what's with the Raw neglect, fandom? Not cool. Raw is awesome, and there's so much to explore, so much to think about, so much left unsaid. Actually, that's probably the cause of the neglect- he was pretty sorely neglected in canon, leaving us with very little to work with. Darn. Oh well. And now for an updated Tin Man ship list:

  1. Glitch/Cain
  2. Ambrose/Az
  3. Jeb/DG
  4. Jeb/Raw
  5. Glitch/Raw
  6. Cain/Raw
  7. Ambrose/the Queen
  8. The Witch/Az
  9. Az/Raw?
The last one has a question mark because Az/Raw would have to be post-series, which, due to my theories about Az's psychological state at that time, could get weird/creepy. However, even without that one, that is quite possibly the longist list of ships for one fandom I have ever made. I usually stick to one or two per fandom. Glitch/Cain is still my OTP, though. And I have pretty much no basis for any of the Raw ships except Raw/Cain. I just like them. My basis for Raw/Cain has to do with Cain being all about the heart and Raw being an empath or a telepath or whatever he is. This could actually present a lot of problems, as Cain is kind of private about his feelings, and Raw would probably have some trouble with that. It could also bring up some awful memories for Cain.

Wow, I made it through the entire post without referencing Doctor Who, Torchwood, or SJA. *scrolls up* Wait...darn.

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