Sunday, January 11, 2009

In Which There Is Entirely Too Much Analysis of Dalek Upgrades

So I recently watched Remembrance of the Daleks, which is awesome because of the nitro nine. And the dalek getting blown up by the nitro nine. And Ace hitting the dalek with her awesome bat. Anyway. One of the daleks follows the Doctor and Ace up the stairs in the school basement, which implies that it's already had the same upgrade as the dalek in Dalek, the one that allows them to levitate and not be stopped by stairs. However, the dalek in Remembrance of the Daleks uses a slightly different mechanism to levitate than the dalek in Dalek. It's base glows, for one, and it goes up the stars in a sort of slanted path, as though it were actually climbing them. Now I'm not sure, but I think the dalek in Dalek goes straight up along a vertical line, then takes a horizantal path towards Rose and Adam and the soldier or whatever who is accompanying them. Now, what this actually, in reality, which I tend to ignore but here feel the need to acknowledge, implies that the two episodes were made a couple of decades apart. And now I go back to ignoring reality in order to say that this implies the two upgrades were made seperately. Possibly that after the upgrade given to the daleks in Remembrance of the Daleks they upgraded the upgrade so that it was more, er, upgrade-ey.

Now, I think it is probable that during the Time War, the daleks were upgraded so as to be in top fighting condition. Or something. So it's not entirely unlikely that the levitation mechanism would have gotten an upgrade, but the problem I'm having here is this: There doesn't appear to be any noticable difference between how well the two levitation mechanisms work. There's no noticable difference in speed or anything. This should mean that it had some effect on the power used. Or something. Either that, or the upgrade was not the result of the Time War, but rather some other unknown event. For unknown reasons.

In conclusion, I have no life and have spent entirely too much time thinking about this.

And now, in the actual conclusion to the post, rather than the conclusion to the ramble thing above, a comment on something from somewhere in the Logopolis commentary:

Yes, when in crisis you should always put on your scarf. It's only slightly less important than your towel.

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