Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tin Man Fics I Need To Write

Someday. Soon. Also, it should be noted that most fics, and almost certainly any Jeb fics, will have a side pairing of Glitch/Cain. Probably not the young Az/young Ambrose one, though, unless the Doctor decides to make an unexpected appearence.

  • Jeb/Raw fic. At least one. Still have no ideas about plot, but I really have to write it.
  • Az/someone fic. Very angsty.
  • Az fic. Very angsty, explores what psychological state she might be in after the eclipse. My guess? Not an entirely sane one.
  • Young Az/Young Ambrose fic. In which Az has a crush and Ambrose is embarrased.
  • Jeb/Raw, Jeb/DG fic.

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