Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thus Follows Boringness and Television Rambling

Am watching Twilight Zone marathon. Plan to continue until I fall asleep on the couch. Am no longer being made drowsy by medication, due to the fact that we switched it. Again. Which makes about twice in two weeks. I have no idea what the new ones called, but apparently the old one (which I think I was building up an immunity to anyway) was addictive and stuff, so they didn't want me to keep taking it. So I'm not. And since we switched them again, my migraines have gone down to about 7-9, rather than 8-10. Of course, this coincided pretty much exactly with me getting cramps, so it's not actually conclusive. Also, it is almost 2009!

I've been reading Eureka fics, specifically Jack/Nathan. Query: Can you still spoil something when the season/half season is over? Probably. Anyway, I'm still pissed about it. The contents of the spoiler, I mean. Especially when it had to happen in such a fantastic episode. Seriously, they did this with Atlantis, too. Great episode, can't watch it without getting upset/annoyed/breaking down into floods of tears, depending on my mood/emotional stability. Torchwood, as well. Because she was awesome. Especially in season two. I've found some great AU fics out there though (of Eureka, not Torchwood or Atlantis). Actually, I might try Atlantis again.

Oh, and Leverage? Awesome. Pure awesome. Have not seen the latest episode yet, will tomorrow or the day after. Probably. Possibly.

Oh, and one more thing. There is a possibility that I will shortly be leaving on a trip. I don't know how long it will be or whether I'll be blogging during it. I just know that it could happen, and it will be of considerable length if and when it does happen.

Happy almost new year.

Happy New Year!

So I'm queasy, I have a migraine, I have cramps, I feel kind of lightheaded, and I think I managed to bruise a spot right by one of my ribs. How? No idea. Just hurts. So anyway, due to the fact that only three of these five symptoms are the norm for me, I think I might be sick. Yeah. That sucks.

Anyway. I actually made this post for only one reason: I now ship Jeb/Raw. Yes, this is the result of reading exactly one fic. A crack fic. Which I will link to, because it is awesome and funny and I want to know if anyone else ends up shipping Jeb/Raw. Probably not, I think my mind is just a strange place. Oh well.

The link is this:

Really wish I had a plotbunny for them. I should probably be working on my DW novel. Or my poetry. Or my new original fics about the dragon who accidentally kidnaps a prince (which I will post here once it's done.) It needs an ending, and then it will probably become the first in a series. But right now I need to finish it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

That's...Fairly Accurate

You Are A Thoughtful Idealist

You are a bit tentative when it comes to new experiences. You have to push yourself to try new things, but once you do, you love the adventure.

You like to think that people see you as dramatic and fascinating. You do your best to seem mysterious.

You are a very romantic person. You can't help but see the world as it should be.

Right now, stress occasionally makes you feel trapped in your life. You usually have a clear perspective on things though!

Overall, your life is calm and steady. Not much stirs you, and each day is full of joy.

You feel like the fate of the future partially rests in your hands. You believe you need to help make the world a better place.

Ultimate Color Test Thing

Your Colors Say You Are Caring

When you are at peace, you are:

Deeply stable

When you are moved to act, you are:

Giving and warm

When you are inspired, you are:

Spiritual and humble

When your life is perfectly balanced, you are:

Light hearted and funny

Your life's purpose is:

To live a passionate life

Tiny China People

*shrugs* Kinda cool.

Your Love Quote

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

What Love Quote Suits You?

Also, I got a whole bunch of Oz books from the library. I've just started The Marvelous Land of Oz. Fun. And it occurs to me that the china people from the first book presumably reproduce by simply manufacturing another china doll, meaning that they could, theoretically, create an army of china people. The only things stopping them from taking over Oz would then be how breakable they are and the fact that they can't leave their kingdom/province/city/thing. It's extremely possible, to my mind, that they in fact could leave their land and remain sentient and mobile, but would never find out because anybody attempting to leave by climbing over the wall would be shattered as they fell down the other side. So, if they could figure out how to make themselves more...durable, they could overrun Oz.

*considers* My mind is a strange place. Full of tiny evil dictators. Made of fake!durable!china. And if you try to rebel they beat you to death with their own tiny little arms.

This image amuses me greatly.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stupid Gorram Migraines

So I have a lesson tomorrow, but I'm out of codine, which means there's nothing to take the edge off my pain, which means it's at pretty much a constant ten (at the moment it's down to a high nine, but it's getting worse), which means I don't know if I'll be able to make it. Damn. That's...bad, since it's either my last or my next to last before break. It all depends on how quickly I can get new meds tomorrow- and how quickly they work.

My friend called me back. She's coming over Saturday for a Doctor Who marathon. Yay. I haven't seen her in ages. I miss her so much...I'd literally be bouncing up and down right now if it didn't hurt so much.

I really want to watch Judging Amy. Tonight's Private Practice did not help my Judging Amy craving. Next week's will probably help even less. Darn.

And finally: Soylent Green is people.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Boring Real Life Stuff

I'm tired. So. Very. Tired. But I can't sleep, because if I go to sleep now I'll never be up in time for my lesson tomorrow. So I have to stay awake until tonight. I wouldn't be tired if I my migraine hadn't gone up to a ten last night, making it impossible for me to do anything except feel violently ill.

Anyway. I called my friend last night, hopefully she'll call back soon so we can arrange a Dr. Who Marathon. Hopefully. Also, the tutor guy my mom emailed? Hasn't emailed back yet. So she called the principal about it, and the principal was all "six hours in a row like wha?" and so he's gonna get me a different tutor.. He also said that the tutors aren't allowed to work during the winter break, which I don't quite get, but hey, it means I get a holiday. So I'm cool with it.

My cat Pebbles is currently asleep in my dresser drawer. It's unbelievably adorable. Seriously, she's been in there for about an hour, nestled in amongst the clothes. Adorable.

Vista Is Evil

I'm severely annoyed at Vista. Why? Because it doesn't listen. I'm trying to change my profile pic- on my old XP computer, it was easy. Just browse, select the picture you want, change it. Easy. On Vista, I click "change profile picture" on the menu, then "browse for more pictures". Then I select a photo, hit "open", and what do I get? A little white icon. After several attempts, I give up and decide to go for one of the pictures already provided- a sea star. I like sea stars. So I click the picture, hit change picture, close the window, and look at my profile pic. And it hasn't changed. I try again. Nothing. And again. Still nothing.

I hate you, Vista.

DW Fic: Planetay Pubs

Title: Planetary Pubs
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. If I did, I'd...probably still be writing fanfiction, but I wouldn't post it. Also, my name would be in the credits. I know it's hard to tell because they move so fast, but it's not.
Characters: The Doctor, Donna
Warnings: Slight spoiler warning for Pompeii and The Runaway Bride, I guess. Very slight, though.
Apparently, there are pubs on other planets. A sort of sequel to my fic Of All The Places.
A/N: A sort of sequel to Of All the Places. I say "sort of" because this fic works on the premise that the pub they were in wasn't on Earth, which wasn't what I really intended when writing the first one.

"So...they have pubs on other planets?"
"What, you thought humans were the only race in the universe to come up with the pub concept?"
"Well, I don't know, do I? First alien race I ever met were giant spiders! They don't have pubs, do they?"
"No, Donna, the Raknos don't have pubs. They eat pubs."
"Right. Do those giant rock monsters have pubs?"
"Of a sort."
"Seriously? Giant rock-lava monsters have pubs?"
"People, Donna, giant rock-lava people. Not monsters."
"They nearly destroyed the Earth! Anyway, those slime things, do they have pubs?"
"'Course not. Why do you think they came here?"
"Why did they come here? I mean, they're not really here for the pubs, are they? So what are they doing here?"
"I don't know. Shall we ask them?"

DW Fic: Of All the Places

Title: Of All the Places
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. If I did, I'd...probably still be writing fanfiction, but I wouldn't post it. Also, my name would be in the credits. I know it's hard to tell because they move so fast, but it's not.
Characters: The Doctor, Donna
Summary: Donna wants a meal, but she's not exactly happy with where the Doctor takes her. Mostly dialogue fic.
A/N: I was watching Gordon Ramsey, and there was an episode with a pub on. Then a plotbunny bit me in the foot. It was quite painful.

"Oh, look at that!"
"Doctor, look at me."
"Blimey, this place is brilliant, isn't it?"
"Oh, good, here comes the food."
"What are we doing here?"
"What do you mean? We've come for a meal."
"Yeah, but here?"
"All of the universe, Doctor, and you take me to a bleeding pub."
"Oh, Donna, but this is the place, here, a regular pub, with regular people and regular food. This, this here, this is it, Donna."
Suddenly a scream split the air, and there was a loud crack as a small, slimy alien burst through the kitchen doors.
"And regular aliens?"

More Lessons

So, apparently the other tutor guy thinks that he should be able to do all six hours a week in one go. I'm sorry, no, if I could handle that, I'd be at school. Three hours is about my limit. So my mom's emailing him about this, and if he can't work with that we'll have to find someone else.

Fun, huh?

So, if I do end up doing three hours, that still leaves me with three days a week free, counting Saturday and Sunday.

DW Favorite Characters

Okay, list time.

My Favorite DW Characters:

  1. Ten
  2. Five
  3. Seven
  4. Eight
  5. Two
  1. Donna
  2. Ace
  3. Jack
  4. Tegan
  5. Romana
  6. Mickey
  7. K-9
  8. Sarah Jane
  9. Turlough
  10. Jamie
  1. Tosh
  2. Ianto
  3. Jack
  1. Luke
  2. Sarah Jane
  3. Clyde

Monday, December 15, 2008

Fandom Survey

Just a fandom survey I found while lurking on psych_slash.

1. What fandoms do you participate in?

Doctor Who
Sarah Jane Adventures
Tin Man
Stargate SG1

2. Who are your top favorite characters from each fandom? Choose one per fandom.
Doctor Who- The TARDIS. Does that count? Failing that, I guess the Doctor. The tenth one. Or the fifth one. Or- I think I'll post a list of my favorite DW characters later.
SJA- Luke
Torchwood- Tosh.
Psych- Lassiter
House- Wilson
Tin Man- Azkadelia
SG1- Daniel

Now please choose one fandom to answer the following questions.
Doctor Who (however, I'm including SJA and Torchwood in that)

3. Please explain why you love your favorite character.
I love the TARDIS That's tricky. She's the most beautiful ship I've ever seen? She's a lot of fun to write for? Yeah. That's it, I guess.

4. What character do you like least?
I don't know, I don't particularly dislike any of them. I guess second season Rose probably bugs me the most.

5. Do you read fan fiction for this fandom?
Occasionally. Mostly for SJA and Torchwood, though. I sometimes look on Teaspoon, but I've given up on going through

6. Do you read slash for this fandom? If so, list the slash pairings you make a point to seek out.

7. Are there any pairings you absolutely will not read?
Doctor/any companion (except occasionally Jack or Romana)

8. What about het? Do you read it? If so, are there any pairings you actively read?
That depends. Does the TARDIS count as a girl? I think so. The Doctor refers to her as a she.
Rose/Mickey, I guess, though it's usually more like Rose/Mickey/Jake

9. There are many forms of fanfic out there, is there a type that, to you, isn't written enough?
I don't know about any types of fanfic, but I wish there was more Clyde/Luke and Mickey/Jake. Or Rickey/Jake. Whatever.

10. Is there anything surprising about the fandom?
Lack of Mickey/Jake?

11. Is this your main fandom?

12. How long have you been a fan?
Since I was about nine, I guess.

13. Are there any fanfic authors you really enjoy?
Yes. I don't remember their names, but yes.

14. Anything else to add?
Bananas are good, and not everyone can pull off a decorative vegetable.

survey created by [info]witherwings7


I had my first lesson with the tutor today. It was nice, low stress, and it was in the library. A dark room in the library, which was good. I like the tutor, though I wish I knew how to tell her that I know what inclusive means. Seriously, does anyone actually get to high school not knowing what "inclusive" means? That's frightening. It actually said, in the book, it had a definition of inclusive. And exclusive. I mean, come on! Anyway, this woman will be teaching me maths and French, only we didn't have any French work yet, so I had two hours of maths. Which works for me. I'm definitely glad we go one problem at a time, rather than a whole page, for two reasons. One, I don't actually need to do a whole page of problems, I've got it down after about five, tops. Two, because I know from experience that I have to wait longer if we do it by the page. Last year my mum was homeschooling me, and when we did the math we would do problems by the page, then go over them. Except I'd end up waiting about five minutes for her to finish. When we do it by the problem, it at least doesn't feel like such a long wait.

Anyway, here's my lesson schedule as it now stands:

Monday: 1:00-3:00
Thursday: 1:00-3:00

See? Very low stress. I'll have more to do once we get things set up with the other tutor, the one who's doing everything that's not maths or French. He was supposed to email my mum today, but he didn't.

I've also finished the Wizard of Oz- now I just have to find the second book.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spam! And Random DW References

Okay, so I'm watching House, and there's this guy on Son of a Coma Guy with akinetopsia or...something like that. Anyway, he can't see things when they move. So I'm all: "Dude! It's like the weeping angels, but backwards!"


I'm done spamming now. Really.

Teenage Boys In Tutus (and some other stuff, as well)

My dad just got back from the Hanukkah Fair at my synagogue. He brought home several books, two of which were for me. The first one is The Secret World of Kabbalah, which I haven't really looked at yet. Sounds interesting, though. The second book was apparently a gift from an old Hebrew School teacher of mine. My third grade Hebrew School teacher, to be exact. Now, this book I have looked at. It's a book of Jewish jokes, and I've so far read about half of the section of sexual jokes. It's very good. However, it's a bit...odd...having my third grade Hebrew School teacher, who always struck me as a bit strict, give me a joke book with a section on sexual jokes. So, did she not look at the table of contents, or did she just reckon I wouldn't bother with that section? Or did she decide I might like it? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm kind of wondering, if it's the last one (or, actually, if it's any of the others) whether she would like my old French teacher. The one who said "Isn't the first thing you do when you learn a new language look up all the naughty words? That's what I would do." Yeah, he was awesome. He was also the first teacher I ever met who flipped through the workbook going, "That's stupid, that's stupid, no, that's stupid," until he found an excersise he liked. Which is really cute when done with a French accent by a very pretty man in a peach shirt, by the way. Seriously, he had awesome shirts. One time, after class, a few of the students hung about arguing over what color his shirt was. (And I still maintain that the shirt was peach, not pink. He did have a pink shirt, though. Several, I think). I miss that teacher. I miss that school. I like my current one well enough, though. My best friend (we've been best friends since we were six, and how we became friends is an odd story that I will probably recount later) is there. Also, the boys at my current school? They rock. You haven't lived until you've seen a teenage boy in a tutu. No, not just a tutu, they had jeans on as well. And t-shirts. And the first one had a sparkly wand. No tiara though, sadly. I'm still waiting for that.

The Wizard of Oz

is what I'm currently reading. I'm just over halfway through (I only started it last night), and expect to be finished by tomorrow morning. Then I get to see if we have the next book! Fun, huh? Yeah, I'm not counting on it. It's nice reading the books, though. I've never read them before, though I've read Wicked. I've got Son of a Witch and Lion Among Men, but I haven't gotten around to reading either of those yet, due to my massive migraine. Children's classics are about the level my brain works at currently. I really need to watch Tin Man again...

Um, yeah...that's all. More on that later, I guess...yeah.

Holidays, Headaches, And Something Else Starting With H

I finally start tutoring tomorrow. Yay! I'm...not as excited as I thought I would be. Partly because I'd rather actually be going back to school, and partly because it requires thinking despite my migraine being pretty much constantly above an eight. And only being able to take codine every six hours. Yeah, the fact that it seems to be (mostly) keeping my migraine from hitting a ten isn't much comfort when I'm lying on the couch groaning and not able to take codine for another two hours. Not that it does much when I do.

Sarah Jane should be back on in a couple of weeks, though- assuming that's what Scifi's SJA marathon signifies. I can't wait! I'll finally be able to actually read all the SJA fanfic I find. In other news, my mind is a sick, disturbing place. How do I know this? Because I read my own writing. Also, I spend much of my time in my mind, and am therefore quite well aquainted with it. More specifically, I know because of a Glitch/Cain fanfic I wrote last night. It was my first time attempting to write anything remotely smutty, and it turned out kind of...weird. I think I made good use of Glitch's zipper, though! It was a lot of fun to write, even if it did end up really sort of...disturbing.

I really need to work on my Last TARDIS series. It's a series of fanfics I'm writing which go through every episode of the new Doctor Who (starting with Rose) from the TARDIS's point of view. Is it odd that the TARDIS is my favorite character in Doctor Who? Anyway, I've only done Rose and The End of the World so far, because I'm trying to do them in order and I'm kind of stuck on the one with Dickens. I'll have to watch it again, see if it inspires me. I really hope it does, because otherwise I'm going to have to go ahead and write ones for The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. There's a plotbunny for those that's been bothering me since before I wrote the one for Rose. I think it involves the TARDIS thinking Jack is pretty and nice.

Hanukah is in a week. Yay! I'm having a bit of trouble getting excited, mostly due to the fact that I probably won't get to go to the Hanukah party at my synagouge. Or the services, probably. So yeah, I'm kind of sad.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boredom Begets Weird Crossovers

I'm bored. Very bored. I've done 50 drawings in less than a week bored. And most of them were based on stuff from Doctor Who.

I watched the first Librarian movie a couple of days ago. I recorded the third one, but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Anyway, as I was watching it I kept thinking what an awesome companion Flynn would be. I mean, he's so into books, and they're like his weapons, and the Doctor had that line in Tooth and Claw where he said "Books, best weapons in the universe" or something like that. And then when I started watching the new movie and there was that whole thing about how the Library was as big as they needed it to be, I thought: Wow! It's like a precursor to The Library. The other Library, I mean.

So now I have this scene in my head, where the Doctor meets Flynn. It goes something like this:

Doctor: Wow. Oh, you'd love The Library.
Flynn: This is The Library.
Doctor: No, I mean the other Library. The big one.
Flynn: This is the big one.
Doctor: No, I mean the bigger one. The one that's a planet.
Flynn: There's a library that's a planet?

It's possible I'm a geek.