Saturday, January 10, 2009

No! The Arm Chair Shall Eat You!

No! Don't do it! The inflatable arm chair will eat you! DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terror of the Autons. Delgado!Master just said " assist in the destruction of humanity" totally straight-faced. And sort of cheerful. Yay for the ego-maniacal Time Lord murderer of awesomeness. He is awesome and hypnotizes folk. Also, you've got to love a guy who will say "I'll kill you, Doctor!" one second, and the next is all "Doctor! You're hurt! I MUST SAVE YOU!" or "Doctor, help me with my science project," or "Doctor, rule the galaxy with me." Really, Master, the Doctor might be more inclined to rule the galaxy with you if you didn't threaten to kill him every time you see him.

Is it weird that I think the troll doll thing in Terror of the Autons is adorable? Also, I've been trying to imagine what a TARDIS would look like when not disguised as something else. Like if the outside was the right size for the inside, I mean. Also what the TARDISes on Gallifrey look like. Trying to picture a TARDIS that is the size of it's inside is kind of fun, because after a second my mind decides that it's too big and sprawling and really not ship shaped. But seriously, I really want to know what they look like while they're on Gallifrey. I mean, do they disguise themselves as something from the environment just like they do anywhere else, or what?

Also, I just realized how incredibly appropriate it is that I'm watching Terror of the Autons, since I was planning on watching Rose later tonight. I've worked out how long I can last doing one NuWho story per week, and I figure I can go at least a year, especially if I include Torchwood and SJA. I'm planning on doing this to cut down on my withdrawel, as I have no idea when Scifi will air the specials and even less idea when they will air SJA. Or even if they will air it, actually, which annoys me. So I actually took the time to make a Dr. Who 2009 calendar, though I've so far only done the scheduling for January. I'm going to try and start the February scheduling tonight.

Oh, and I found Twin Dilemma! It was on a tape marked Logopolis. I'm thinking I'll watch Caves of the Androzani and Twin Dilemma tomorrow. Am I the only person who is really annoyed by Peri? I think it's partly her accent. Also her whining. She just bugs me. A lot. It's possible that Caves of the Androzani and Twin Dilemma are not the best examples of her character. Still, having watched part of both of these episodes, I'm can't really blame the Doctor for trying to strangle her. I can blame him for that coat, though. I'm just not inclined to, because I find the desicion to wear what I have dubbed "The Coat of Clashing Colors" an admirable one.

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