Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am Dracula.

Okay, so it's been a while. Many months. Mainly cause I've mostly been posting on my shiny new lj (which is no longer particularly shiny or new).

So. News. I have an exam on Thursday. I really should study tomorrow, so I really ought to be asleep. I'm not, obvs. Oh well. It's only 39 questions, and 30 of them are multiple choice, and I only have to get a minimum of 34 correct, if I remember correctly from my earlier calculations. I suspect it'll take about an hour, and then I'll have three weeks before school starts.

Also: Birthday soon. Woot. I...am really not that excited. I stopped caring about my birthday very much sometime before I turned 13. Presents are nice though. I should get a couple Doctor Who related things from my grandparents, aunt, and possibly my friend. My Amazon Wishlist is almost entirely made up of Doctor Who stuff, so odds are any gift I get will be Doctor Who related. Plus my friends coming over, and an excuse to pig out on popcorn and watch Firefly and or Doctor Who is always good.

This is me trying to be excited.

I'm failing rather badly.

Currently have my god-sister's dog staying at my place. Name's Lucky, and he gets along with Sam quite well. Terrified of thunder, though, the both of them. And Lucky hasn't been eating much. He didn't eat at all until tonight, and then only had about half his dinner.

Speaking of my god-sister, she's going off to college in like a week. I'll miss her, but I might get to pay her a visit sometime in October, so that's...good. And stuff.

I must say, I can't wait till this exam is over with. I have a Neil Gaiman book to read, but my blasted work ethic won't let me read it without feeling guilty until the exam is done. It won't let me read anything else I was planning to, either, including Hitchhiker's Guide, my new book full of H.P. Lovecraft, Jane Austen, or Dark Projeny, or Shakespeare, or anything. (My extensive reading list is due to a summer spent studying (and avoiding studying) math, which I wouldn't have had to do if a. the educational system wasn't such an ass, or b. I hadn't missed so much school, including the exam. I was supposed to read for three months, damn it! READ! And watch the History channel, and surf the internet for info on space and crap. I did those last two, actually, and the cooking, but READING. There was supposed to be a hell of a lot more reading involved. Grr.)

Can't wait for tomorrow (well...today's, I suppose) Universe. It's about Parallel Universes!

Finally: I've been working on a novel, the premise for another novel, and some ridiculous amount of poetry. There's also a play about vampires and a book about them that are sort of on the back burner at the moment, and will likely continue to be for quite a while, what with school starting up again in 3 weeks or so. The first novel, by the way, is your standard adventure fantasy. Girl (who is disturbingly muscular and has been training for this literally since she could crawl, maybe before) and boy (who is a bit like an ambassador, really) set out to defeat warlord named Andiatne who is working on taking over the world and is really really dangerous. Along the way they're joined by another boy (who is a starving homeless kid.) The novel I'm working on the premise for is about wolf-men.