Monday, January 12, 2009

The RIdiculously Long Post About the Master

My mom is trying to put together a table of all the Doctor's companions. She's asked me to help her, since I know more about Doctor Who than she does and can help her to figure out who counts as a companion. The table now has a column marked 'status', with options of 'companion', 'one-off', and 'recurring character', because I insisted that the members of UNIT are not companions, but rather recurring characters, and that Dr. Grace Holloway from the movie is a one-off, as is Astrid.

Anyway, after I helped her with this she showed me her table of Doctors, which is much more straight-forward. I asked if she had a table of Masters, and she said no, but agreed that this was a good idea. So now I have to help her with that, as she has no idea what information to include or who played any of the Masters. She's going to include such information as the name of the actor, any alias the Master takes, and which episodes the Master was in. I said I'd make a list of the actor names, aliases, and episodes each Master is in tonight, as I woke up at five this afternoon and therefore have no chance of getting to sleep before about four in the morning.

First of all, I've got to say, IMDBs list of Masters is...questionable. I mean it's very good, and very thorough, but there are a couple of things I noticed that bug me. Firstly, the Master in the Mind Robber is listed as being the same character as the Master in... every other episode with the Master in it, which I'm pretty sure he isn't. Also, the Master isn't listed in the Keeper of Traken credits. Just Melkur. Now, due to the fact that it takes the Doctor a ridiculously long time to actually realize that he's the Master, this is understandable. And I can't really complain, since Keeper of Traken is on the Master's character page. As I said, the list is very thorough and very good. I'm just ridiculously...obsessive compulsive, I guess, about this stuff.

And so I present: my list of the Masters, their aliases, and their episodes. First, a table with each Master's actor.


0.5 (The War Chief)

Edward Brayshaw


Roger Delgado

2 (Crispy!Master 1)

Peter Pratt

2 (Crispy!Master 2)

Geoffrey Beevers


Anthony Ainley

4 (Movie!Master)

Eric Roberts

5 (Yana!Master)

Derek Jacobi

6 (Saxon!Master)

John Simm

Child!Master (brief appearance in SoD)

William Hughes

A note on that: First, I included the War Chief, even though it's never stated that he's the Master, and as I'm pretty sure the Master hadn't been invented yet there's no reason the writers would have wanted him to be the Master. I've always thought of him as the Master, and he'll be included on the table (I actually made my mother create a column for 'confirmed' just so I could make it clear that he wasn't canonically the Master).

And now a list of the Masters and their episodes. Sweet Rasillon, this post is really long. Anyway. I've put the aliases in parentheses next to the episodes. Some of them are a bit tentative, and I may update this later with slightly more accurate information. If anyone can make some of these a bit clearer, please tell me.

The War Chief:

  • The War Games (the War Chief)


  • Terror of the Autons

  • The Mind of Evil (some guy that the people at the prison listen to. I think. That or he used hypnosis on them, I'm not actually sure.)

  • The Claws of Axos

  • Colony in Space (Adjudicator)

  • The Daemons (Satanist Leader Guy. Possibly a vicar?)

  • The Sea Devils

  • The Time Monster (a science professor)

  • Frontier in Space (colony leader)

Crispy Master 1:

  • The Deadly Assassin

Crispy Master 2:

  • The Keeper of Traken (Melkur)


  • Logopolis (While not technically an alias, the Master does steal Nyssa's father's body. He also pretends briefly that he is her father.)

  • Castrovalva (the Portreve)

  • Time-Flight (Kalid)

  • The King's Demons

  • The Five Doctors

  • Planet of Fire


  • Doctor Who: The Movie (I think he briefly pretends he's the guy who's body he stole. It should be noted, also, that at this point the Master's body snatching is bordering on kleptomania.)


  • Utopia (Professor Yana)


  • Utopia

  • The Sound of Drums (Harold Saxon, P.M.)

  • Last of the Time Lords


  • The Sound of Drums

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