Thursday, January 1, 2009


So, a couple of nights ago I had this dream. Four dreams, actually, one after the other. I woke up in between each one, too, which was really annoying. The first one was about going to a party or something, then going home to change into appropriate dancing clothes so I could come back and dance. I then woke up (before the actual dancing, unfortunately) and said something along the lines of, "Sweet Rassilon that was boring. I demand a better one. Now. Seriously, that was worse than the one that consisted of walking my dog down the driveway and back." So I had the second dream, in which I actually got to dance. I woke up again and said something like, "Better. Still really boring, but better. Seriously though, where are the dreams about getting captured by aliens in a cave where the atmosphere is poisonous? And having to invent a drug so we could all breath? And then having another race of aliens come, these ones wanting to use us in their war against yet more aliens? And then finally waking up just as I'm running away in a valiant and dangerous escape attempt? That was a good dream."

From what I can recall, the second and third dreams were about running through a pet store, either chasing or being chased by something.

The one with the aliens was still better.

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