Sunday, January 11, 2009

I was watching the commentary on Logopolis, and Tom Baker was talking about how he always played the Doctor as sort of mystified by girls and kind of...asexual? I think that's what he's saying. Unless I'm completely misunderstanding what he's saying, but it's fairly straightforward so I don't think I am. Or, actually he said he played the Doctor as mystified by girls with a sort of affection sort of thing but nothing sexual. There really should have been more commas in that, shouldn't there? Oh well. Anyway, I find the fact that Tom Baker played the Doctor as asexual (although I suppose you could interpret that as 'incredibly not straight', but somehow I don't think that's what he meant) amusing, because I have adopted the fanon that Time Lords' necks are sensitive/eroginous zones. This fanon originally caused me to think thinky thoughts about why the fourth Doctor felt to need to cover his neck so incredibly thouroughly. More thouroughly than any of the other Doctors. So I was wondering, "Is he just incredibly sexually repressed, or really conservative for a liberal rebel, or what?". I mean, I'm betting that most of the Classic Who actors played the Doctor as pretty asexual, but Tom Baker actually saying it amuses me.

The thread that I adopted this fanon from was this:

It's very interesting. If you're me. Or find this sort of thing interesting. Or whatever.
It's entirely possible that I spend far too much time thinking about alien sexuality. Or not. Whatever.

And Tom Baker's just said that some people thought of him as some sort of modern messiah. I find this amusing for several reasons. One, the whole 'the Doctor is portrayed as a messianic figure' complaint I remember from LotTL, and second, I found a fic in which the Doctor actually is the messiah. I'm not sure which is more amusing: that fic or the two I've seen in the Harry Potter fandom.

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