Sunday, December 14, 2008

Teenage Boys In Tutus (and some other stuff, as well)

My dad just got back from the Hanukkah Fair at my synagogue. He brought home several books, two of which were for me. The first one is The Secret World of Kabbalah, which I haven't really looked at yet. Sounds interesting, though. The second book was apparently a gift from an old Hebrew School teacher of mine. My third grade Hebrew School teacher, to be exact. Now, this book I have looked at. It's a book of Jewish jokes, and I've so far read about half of the section of sexual jokes. It's very good. However, it's a bit...odd...having my third grade Hebrew School teacher, who always struck me as a bit strict, give me a joke book with a section on sexual jokes. So, did she not look at the table of contents, or did she just reckon I wouldn't bother with that section? Or did she decide I might like it? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm kind of wondering, if it's the last one (or, actually, if it's any of the others) whether she would like my old French teacher. The one who said "Isn't the first thing you do when you learn a new language look up all the naughty words? That's what I would do." Yeah, he was awesome. He was also the first teacher I ever met who flipped through the workbook going, "That's stupid, that's stupid, no, that's stupid," until he found an excersise he liked. Which is really cute when done with a French accent by a very pretty man in a peach shirt, by the way. Seriously, he had awesome shirts. One time, after class, a few of the students hung about arguing over what color his shirt was. (And I still maintain that the shirt was peach, not pink. He did have a pink shirt, though. Several, I think). I miss that teacher. I miss that school. I like my current one well enough, though. My best friend (we've been best friends since we were six, and how we became friends is an odd story that I will probably recount later) is there. Also, the boys at my current school? They rock. You haven't lived until you've seen a teenage boy in a tutu. No, not just a tutu, they had jeans on as well. And t-shirts. And the first one had a sparkly wand. No tiara though, sadly. I'm still waiting for that.

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