Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DW Fic: Planetay Pubs

Title: Planetary Pubs
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. If I did, I'd...probably still be writing fanfiction, but I wouldn't post it. Also, my name would be in the credits. I know it's hard to tell because they move so fast, but it's not.
Characters: The Doctor, Donna
Warnings: Slight spoiler warning for Pompeii and The Runaway Bride, I guess. Very slight, though.
Apparently, there are pubs on other planets. A sort of sequel to my fic Of All The Places.
A/N: A sort of sequel to Of All the Places. I say "sort of" because this fic works on the premise that the pub they were in wasn't on Earth, which wasn't what I really intended when writing the first one.

"So...they have pubs on other planets?"
"What, you thought humans were the only race in the universe to come up with the pub concept?"
"Well, I don't know, do I? First alien race I ever met were giant spiders! They don't have pubs, do they?"
"No, Donna, the Raknos don't have pubs. They eat pubs."
"Right. Do those giant rock monsters have pubs?"
"Of a sort."
"Seriously? Giant rock-lava monsters have pubs?"
"People, Donna, giant rock-lava people. Not monsters."
"They nearly destroyed the Earth! Anyway, those slime things, do they have pubs?"
"'Course not. Why do you think they came here?"
"Why did they come here? I mean, they're not really here for the pubs, are they? So what are they doing here?"
"I don't know. Shall we ask them?"

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