Monday, December 15, 2008

Fandom Survey

Just a fandom survey I found while lurking on psych_slash.

1. What fandoms do you participate in?

Doctor Who
Sarah Jane Adventures
Tin Man
Stargate SG1

2. Who are your top favorite characters from each fandom? Choose one per fandom.
Doctor Who- The TARDIS. Does that count? Failing that, I guess the Doctor. The tenth one. Or the fifth one. Or- I think I'll post a list of my favorite DW characters later.
SJA- Luke
Torchwood- Tosh.
Psych- Lassiter
House- Wilson
Tin Man- Azkadelia
SG1- Daniel

Now please choose one fandom to answer the following questions.
Doctor Who (however, I'm including SJA and Torchwood in that)

3. Please explain why you love your favorite character.
I love the TARDIS That's tricky. She's the most beautiful ship I've ever seen? She's a lot of fun to write for? Yeah. That's it, I guess.

4. What character do you like least?
I don't know, I don't particularly dislike any of them. I guess second season Rose probably bugs me the most.

5. Do you read fan fiction for this fandom?
Occasionally. Mostly for SJA and Torchwood, though. I sometimes look on Teaspoon, but I've given up on going through

6. Do you read slash for this fandom? If so, list the slash pairings you make a point to seek out.

7. Are there any pairings you absolutely will not read?
Doctor/any companion (except occasionally Jack or Romana)

8. What about het? Do you read it? If so, are there any pairings you actively read?
That depends. Does the TARDIS count as a girl? I think so. The Doctor refers to her as a she.
Rose/Mickey, I guess, though it's usually more like Rose/Mickey/Jake

9. There are many forms of fanfic out there, is there a type that, to you, isn't written enough?
I don't know about any types of fanfic, but I wish there was more Clyde/Luke and Mickey/Jake. Or Rickey/Jake. Whatever.

10. Is there anything surprising about the fandom?
Lack of Mickey/Jake?

11. Is this your main fandom?

12. How long have you been a fan?
Since I was about nine, I guess.

13. Are there any fanfic authors you really enjoy?
Yes. I don't remember their names, but yes.

14. Anything else to add?
Bananas are good, and not everyone can pull off a decorative vegetable.

survey created by [info]witherwings7

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