Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boredom Begets Weird Crossovers

I'm bored. Very bored. I've done 50 drawings in less than a week bored. And most of them were based on stuff from Doctor Who.

I watched the first Librarian movie a couple of days ago. I recorded the third one, but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Anyway, as I was watching it I kept thinking what an awesome companion Flynn would be. I mean, he's so into books, and they're like his weapons, and the Doctor had that line in Tooth and Claw where he said "Books, best weapons in the universe" or something like that. And then when I started watching the new movie and there was that whole thing about how the Library was as big as they needed it to be, I thought: Wow! It's like a precursor to The Library. The other Library, I mean.

So now I have this scene in my head, where the Doctor meets Flynn. It goes something like this:

Doctor: Wow. Oh, you'd love The Library.
Flynn: This is The Library.
Doctor: No, I mean the other Library. The big one.
Flynn: This is the big one.
Doctor: No, I mean the bigger one. The one that's a planet.
Flynn: There's a library that's a planet?

It's possible I'm a geek.

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