Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

So I'm queasy, I have a migraine, I have cramps, I feel kind of lightheaded, and I think I managed to bruise a spot right by one of my ribs. How? No idea. Just hurts. So anyway, due to the fact that only three of these five symptoms are the norm for me, I think I might be sick. Yeah. That sucks.

Anyway. I actually made this post for only one reason: I now ship Jeb/Raw. Yes, this is the result of reading exactly one fic. A crack fic. Which I will link to, because it is awesome and funny and I want to know if anyone else ends up shipping Jeb/Raw. Probably not, I think my mind is just a strange place. Oh well.

The link is this:

Really wish I had a plotbunny for them. I should probably be working on my DW novel. Or my poetry. Or my new original fics about the dragon who accidentally kidnaps a prince (which I will post here once it's done.) It needs an ending, and then it will probably become the first in a series. But right now I need to finish it.

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